Filter out 'null' values from reports; add value labels to line graphs

  • 24 July 2019
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There are a couple things I would like to do which are preventing me from fully taking advantage of the reports.

1. When trying to analyse the breakdown of an event by a certain property, I am not able to filter out 'null' values for that property (only 'undefined'). I can do so dynamically in the Insights tab but not in a permanent fashion, using the filter. This is frustrating for producing graphs since the data gets obfuscated if the 'null' values dominates.

2. Is there a way to show the actual values of each data point on line graphs? I find that it is hard to make sense of the numbers (or even the order of magnitude) when viewing them in the dashboard, since the only label shown is the value for the most recent data point, in the top right. This is the default behaviour for bar charts so I'm wondering why it's not available on line charts (even as a toggle).

The hovering is great but of limited use when one wants to export the graph or display a dashboard on a screen (TV mode).



3 replies

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Hi @NathanaelG

What has been helpful to me is to use the method for filtering out null values mentioned in this Help Center article:

I’ve also filtered out null values by setting an “is set” filter to the report so that null values are not included in my report.

Is there something about the way you've implemented Mixpanel that might be creating these null values or are you expecting to have some null values?

About your second question - If you want to see specific values for each data point a line graph might not be the best type of chart to view your data in. I think that you should consider using a bar or stacked bar graph to display this type of data. Also, I like to think about how dashboards are for getting a quick overall snapshot of the data, and that viewing the full report might be better for you since you want to see more details.

Hope that helps!


Hi @edwardtorres,

Thank you for your helpful response. I will need to investigate the source of the 'null' values - but just to clarify, the approach suggested typecasting the property to a boolean, would that have to be done via the code or could I create a new property based on the existing one and make it a boolean in Mixpanel?

Regarding using the bar chart instead of the line chart, the problem is, as far as I can tell, the bar chart automatically aggregates/sums all the values rather than displaying their progression over time. Is there a setting that would allow me to segment the bar chart values over time (day, week, month, etc) like the graph does?

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Hi @edwardtorres,

I just wanted to follow up on my last response - would there be a way to measure progression of a metric over time using a bar chart, like the line graph does?