Fillter on properties of other event

Hey there, so to give you some context, these two events are tracked within the chat feature in our application. The events + properties are:

  • Created Conversation (ID, Type)
  • Created Private Message (ID, Conversation ID)

I would want to know if Mixpanel supports comparing two events based on the properties. As you can see the Created Private Message event does contain the conversation id, so I can link them. I want to know how many private messages are created for each conversation type.I expect analytics software like Mixpanel to support this somehow. I mean I can write JQL, but I couldn't find anything regarding this.
Tracking the conversationType also on the Created Private Message event will cause some code that need to be changed, which I'd rather avoid because they have both their own data model technically. I can also expect a case like this to come up with other relations.

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