Engagement within first week after install

  • 20 October 2020
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Hi there,


we’d like to analyze the engagement of our users within their first week after the install. However, I can’t find an easy way to implement this. For example, let’s say we want to see how often does a user open a specific screen within a week after the install.

Ideally, we’d have a line chart, that says, as of today, all the people that performed event `A` `x` days ago, performed event `B` `y` times since. People that performed `A` `x+1` days ago, performed `B` `z` times and so on.

More generically, we’d like to see the data on a rolling basis that shows how many events users performed within a certain time period after another event.

Is there a way to implement this?

1 reply

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Here is how I would do it.

I would set a profile property of at the time of install/signup, which records install/signup date.

Then, if I want to see the frequency as of today, I would create an insight report of the total number of events, select “bar” as the chart type and break it down by the profile property of install/signup date.

If you strictly want to see the frequency in first 7 days, then I would create a custom property in the event of “Days since install signup” which will a DATEDIF() function returning number of days for event date since install/signup date and filter the chart of that property to be <7 days.