Engagement Rate goes above 100%

  • 10 September 2019
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I have an issue where I'm trying to figure out the rate at which a sequential set of events (todo created will always happen before todo completed). I want to understand the percentage of all events created in the last 30 days that have been completed. This percentage should then never go above 1, but as I've implemented it here, it does. Can someone help me figure out why?



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Hey @wada, it sounds like for engagement, you are interested in seeing the rate of completed set of events by users? If so, I think if you wanted to see how many users are going through specific events on your website then Funnels would be a great feature to use.

Funnels allows you to track how your customers move through your app or website by creating a series of steps through events. You can breakdown steps and see the conversion rate of unique users. You can read more about funnels here.