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  • 18 May 2021
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I have users on many schools and I'm looking for a clear way to see how much % of the total users of each school (user has a property school_name) are doing an event B every week. Basically how much % of the total users are engaged in a specific product.


I like the retention analysis grouped view, but I don't have an event A that could be an accurate first step because the first adoption lasts the whole month, this way, a weekly analysis doesn't consider the first step as the real 100% of the users on that school.


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Hi Luisa,

Great question! One approach is a bit tedious but you would have a cohort for each school where users with school_name = xyz is in that school.  Then when you run, say an Insights report, you would select users who fired event B with school_name = xyz, then use formulas of the unique count of event B with the filter divided by the cohort that you’d select.

This gets tedious because you’d do this for each school, but in aggregate it’d be quite simple as you’d just do users who did event B divided by a cohort of all user with school_name is set.

Let me know if that makes sense.


Oh sounds a bit complicated for 2000+ schools. Specially for keeping that up to date.