Drilling into Insights from Dashboard - Toggle Off Filters Carrying Over

  • 5 December 2020
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I currently have reports that exist in multiple dashboards, where I add saved filters to the dashboards to isolate for relevant information. When I click into any of the insight reports from a dashboard with saved filter, I find that Mixpanel will always append the filter to the report.

Is there a way to toggle this functionality? It seems counter-productive to provide the user a saved filter option and then carry that filter over into the underlying report; if we wanted the filter in the report wouldn’t we have just directly assigned the filter rather than applying it to the entire DB? I understand the filter isn’t saved but having to remember to clear it each time is an unnecessary add on

1 reply

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@steven00 —

It sounds like the report that you added to the dashboard already has this filter saved. If you want to save a more “blank” version of the report then I would recreate the report and save it to your dashboard again.

We treat filters in dashboards separately from filters saved to a report for exactly the reason you called out. Many users may have a report saved in multiple dashboards, so dashboard filters do not affect a saved report.