Distinguish or exclude initial activity versus 'real' activity

  • 9 March 2021
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We have built a B2B SaaS tool where it is common for a new user to play around in the app on their first session. But for tracking purposes I would like to exclude this and focus on their REAL use. I have defined a custom event which is a collection of events that indicate usage (beyond just page views), but I am wanting to essentially ignore these when they occur during the user’s first session. I have tried using the ‘for the 1st time ever’ filter, but I don’t think it works for this scenario, because the user might do several events that make up the custom event, and they should all be ignored if part of the first session -- not just the very first one. I’m still keen to track the initial sign up so I can see how long it takes them to get from there to REAL use on their second session.


Keen to see this as a user segment, but also an insight report. Open to other types if more appropriate that help answer the question of how many users had REAL usage.


Please help!

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