Display reports depends on property

  • 11 March 2020
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I have property named xxx , and there is users have the same value of this property.

Can i get how many users in each property? In other words i want a report that group users depends on property.


1 reply

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Hey @Mizyan


It sounds like you are trying to get a count of how many users have a certain property? If, you get this count in two reports. You can look at this in Insights or the Explore report.


Below I have shared a screenshot on the  total count of users with the property of city is San Francisco. (10 users) in the Insights report.


In the explore report you can do the same query but it will give you a list of these users. In my screenshot below I have looked for users who have city set to San Francisco.

For privacy reason I have not show the list of users


Additionally, you can make the same query from the explore report in Cohorts. You can then use the cohort in other reports for further analysis. Read more on Cohorts here


Hope this helps!