Discrepancy in insights report between line view and metric view

  • 9 August 2022
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Hello, I have an insights report with a simple unique event count in the last 30 days, but I got a discrepancy when I changed the chart view from line to metric.  Does anyone have had the same problem?

First image: Line view shows 56 users
2nd image: Metric view shows 37 users

Please see attached images



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Hi there,


James from Mixpanel here. 


The criteria used in the two versions of the reports is actually different which is why the two views are rendering different totals.


First of all the metric view shows a simple unique count of purchase completions over the last 30 days. In the example you have provided this means that there are 37 unique users in the last 30 days who have completed the purchase completion event. This is your true unique count over the last 30 days.


In the line chart view you have the same 30 day selection however this has been supplemented by the quarter criteria selected. The quarterly selection actually acts in its own right alongside the core date selector. 


What this results in is the last 30 days indicated moving from a fixed date range criteria to a reference date which Mixpanel uses to find the quarter the dates sit in. From here Mixpanel will then show data from the start of whatever fixed quarters are referenced in the date selector. In this case the last 30 days fall in the current quarter and as such the date range shown in the report is backdated to show data from the start of the current quarter. N.B. The quarter definitions are as defined in your project settings. This is why you have higher values for this view.


If you were to change the metric date selection to show since the start of this quarter the values should match.


Hope this helps



Hello James, I got it, I understand now. Thank you for the response.