Discrepancy between funnel conversion rates and actual signup counts

  • 10 December 2020
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I recently created a funnel to track a journey from landing page (A) → signup page (B) → Completion (C) for the 1 month periods before and after a change but the conversion ratios (before/after) don’t seem to match up with actual counts.

For instance, the ratio from actual counts is around 1:1 (± 5%) but from the funnel, the ratio is 417:306 = ~1.36  for the same period.


The way I set up the funnel was as follows, 


I suspect the clickthrough from A → B may be significantly higher than indicated for the ‘after’ period (based on other tests) to balance out the drop in unique users and lower B → C  clickthrough %, but cannot confirm it either way even after adjusting some of the exclusion conditions etc


Would appreciate any help!


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@ychan028 —

Thanks for writing in and sharing this situation with the community! Do you have any updates on how this analysis is going? We’d love to hear if you resolved your questions in case any other users are experiencing something similar.


When it comes to funnel conversions, more than likely when you see significant drop-offs, the reason is due to Identity Management. Moreover, the distinct_id that is sent with the event does not carry over to the next. This is pretty common, and a helpful issue to catch early on. Here is an example user flow, showing how the distinct_id plays into each event. In order for you to see the conversion on the Funnel, each event will need to be sent with the same distinct_id. 


I also want to point out to anyone that is seeing a similar issue in Funnels, the filters and time to convert play a huge part! For example, filtering to “first time ever” and keeping the time to convert at 1 day may lead to a misconception in conversion.