Defining the number of unique users that performed an event

  • 1 March 2019
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I want to define the number of unique users that launched our game per day.

I created a report and selected the Launch Game event and set it to show unique.

I selected the line graph and selected 'days' to show how many unique users performed this event on each day.

However, the results do not line up with my expectation or our other data.

Am I setting up the report correctly?


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Hey @Jonathan_Bailey, I know you might be a little apprehensive with how Mixpanel shows data. An important thing to note here is to be aware of the difference of how data is collected between your other data vs. Mixpanel.

I suggest reading up on Mixpanel's Identity Management, this may have something to do with the discrepancies you're seeing.

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This does not answer whether the setup described is correct or not to measure DAU.

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@hermantulleken what @jonathan-bailey described is definitely correct to measure DAU, there’s also a one-click data function in the list now