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  • 15 November 2021
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Every anonymous user gets an automatically generated id from Mixpanel - example: 039852ed-7ceb-47ef-88bd-766a14f46aa9 - and then we set our own custom id on authentication.

So it’s common for a user to have several mixpanel ids such as the example mentioned, along with one custom id set in the client (ie the id that matches user in our DB).

The issue:

I’d like to breakdown users by this custom id, but sometimes I get some users with the anonymous ids and other times I get them with custom ids. Is there any way to always default to custom ids?

Example use case:

  • Get all people that did X event last 7 days
  • Breakdown by Distinct ID
  • Get table with the ids (custom, not mixpanel anonym id) of users who did event X

Thanks in advance!

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