Custom Person Property based on the 1st event data

I want to define custom property on the person that is calculated based on the property from the first event of the type performed by that user.  

I can not use set_once because it assumes that there is a person already created at the time of the event, but with the Website it is most of the times is not the case. We create user (call identify) only when the person signs up etc. But in this case we are loosing some viable metrics he might have in the beginning of his journey. I.e. the affiliate code that was attached to the initial site page view. I do not want to use Cookies for that since it means we have to reinstrument the data collection and we won’t have historical data.

Here is the user flow:

→ Site Viewed Page event that contains affiliate code param

→ Multiple Other events including multiple Site Viewed Page

→ Signed Up (person is created)


We need to have a custom property in the person that will contain first event’s affiliate code param.

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