Custom event based on sum of events for use in funnel

  • 20 October 2020
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I am looking for a way to have a step in a funnel be based on if a user has uploaded at least 100 photos. I found that I can create a cohort that represent this type of user, but a Cohort cannot be used as a step in a funnel. I tried to create a custom event, but they cannot be based on the count of a certain event.

I have events being captured for each photo uploaded. Do I have to add a specific event in our application that for each uploaded file it check how many files have been uploaded and if that value is above 100 I send a specific event for this. What if we want to change this value to minumum of 200 uploaded photos ?


Any recommendations ?

2 replies

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hi @Fille ! I’m Moinak and I’m a PM here in Mixpanel. 


Do the 100 photos have to be uploaded since the first step of the funnel (in other words, does the counting of photos have to be constrained within the funnel) or is this over all of the user’s lifetime?


Do you already have a user profile property that is tracking the cumulative number of photos uploaded by each user?


The photo count is based on the lifetime amount of photos uploaded.


I do not have a user profile property. Is this the recommended way ?


There is no way to use a SUM of the “Photo uploaded” events for a user ?