Creating Flows

  • 24 November 2021
  • 3 replies

I am trying to create Flow reports but the only answer i get from the system is shown above. I tried a lot of different events and a lot of different options for the field that requires us to specify the number of events before or after the one we selected. I was wondering if the configuration of the event in the code must be set in a specific way for flow reports. Can someone help?


3 replies

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@Igor Loiola are you seeing any issues when you look in your live/events page and when you create a funnel? Do you also have user profiles implemented?

I have a user id for some of the events but not all. Live events are just fine! All the funnels i tried to create were showing 100% conversion between levels


One other question. How can i measure the time spent in each screen/event or flow of events?