Create Cohort with dependent conditions

  • 2 October 2020
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Hi I’m trying to create a cohort where they do event A and then do event B within 30 days of doing event A. How would I set this up?

2 replies

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Hi @kelly!

I think creating a cohort from a Funnels report would be a solid approach. In your Funnels, you’d have event A as step 1 and event B as step 2 and you’d set up your conversion criteria to be 30 days. Here’s a sample Funnels report from a demo project:

From the chart, we can create the cohort by clicking the segment of users who converted boxed in red (i.e. created a playlist within 30 days of signing up): 

Clicking “Create Cohort” will pop open a new widget where you can name your cohort and give it a description. Afterwards, you can view users in that cohort in Explore/Cohorts tab and utilize it in your other reports :) 


Thanks this is exactly what I was looking for!