Create a report on distribution of a specific property

  • 10 February 2021
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Hi y’all,

I am using Insights and trying to build a report on the distribution of a specific property, which is an integer/numeric value. I really don’t know where to start, since I need to select an Event. The builder states ‘events and cohorts’ but I can’t actually start with a cohort (just add it to Filter, lmk if I am wrong here but always find the top section to be confusing). There is no ‘event’ here, just want to to see numeric distribution across this 1 specific user property.

Any recommendations?


Events & ‘Cohorts’ only allows event selection



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Hello @colcassPM  you can breakdown by user property in profile analysis section of insights report to get you the distribution

and this is how it will look


hope this helps.

Thanks Muffaddel,

Thanks for this! Ive been confused about starting with All User Profiles bc you can only start with that, I thought it was broken.

2 follow up questions:

  1. any idea how i can get my values to group in increments like your example?
  2. And to sort? I have been sorting by 1-100/100-1 in “Binder Documents’ but it doesn’t seem to work, I wonder if I should report this as an issue.


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Answer to your both questions is that you will have to convert the property type from String to Number in mixpanel report. here is how to do it