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  • 9 March 2021
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Is it possible to create a Custom User Profile Property using User Profile data and/or Event data? I am trying to calculate the average active days of my users but need to combine a createTime user profile with some kind of last seen or last session event data. 

Does someone have a better solution for calculating active days per user and average active days?


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Custom properties also works for user properties and can use both event and user data:


You can calculate the time between 2 dates in the user profile (created, last active) or you can calculatete the days between created and the occurance of an event.

Amazing thanks, I somehow completely misunderstood that!

Can you please send an example of event data usage in the custom property inside profile? In my case I want to get the first-ever event of a particular type from the person data and grab this event value to become a custom field in the person. How I can do that?  

Can you take the sum of events performed by a user and create a user property out of it?

Also, can you use the timestamp of an event and create a datetime type user property out of it?