Count average number events in first user session (mobile app)

Mixpanel tracks the event “first app open” automatically which shows in “insights” 

I want to count the average number of certain/any events in this first session. 

Any tips?


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Hi @Thomas3000 


This is a great question, and something that *right now* isn’t possible in a simple way within the product.

You can create a workaround in Funnels by creating a funnel for First App open customers only (add as a filter), then create your Funnel steps and then select the “Frequency” chart type option. This is a bit of a workaround though, and would need you to add each event you wanted to look at individually, so not ideal.


The good news is that our product team have thought exactly the same as you, and we are working on a solution. We currently have a closed internal beta for a new group of features called “Behavioural Operations” for the Insights report. One of the new possibilities contained here is the ability to do “Average” for every single event, for a specified group of users, or for a session that you have defined. This would resolve your question perfectly, but as I said this is currently in a closed beta. The good news is that beta features don’t remain in beta for too long, so I would expect it to be released for all customers and projects in the next few weeks.


Keep an eye out for the product update email from our team, which will alert you when the feature is ready.




@mattsmith  I am trying to do something similar. Was the beta solution you previously mentioned completed?

We have an event during onboarding where users can trigger it multiple times. I would like to see the average number of times this event is triggered during a user’s first visit.  e.g. 75% of first time users trigger this event 2 times, 25% trigger it once. 

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Hi @Rohrski 


Yes this should definitely be possible in your project, and it’s a combination of two features that have been released since my reply a year ago.

The first is that you have an option to add a First Time Filter to any event you are looking at in Insights. Once you have done this for your target event, you can change the value of the data you are looking at from the default Total to be “Total by User” and then “Distribution”. This will show you how many times the first time users are triggering your event within your time period. Now all you need to do is change the numeric number to be a percentage by clicking on the % icon above your chart next to the # symbol.


I hope that works,


Hi @mattsmith

I have a similar case: I want to measure, how often a certain event is performed in the first session (i.e. in wich it has been performed for the first time).

Alternatively, I could use: how often on the first day or so.

However, when I try the solution you explained (first-time-filter, Total-per-user, Distribution), I looks like only the first-time events themselfs are counted, so the count is 1 for every user, and in the chart, I get the number of first-time-users.

Also, I cannot find the # Symbol

What am I getting wrong?



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Hi @heikohaller 


Answering your last question first, the % and # symbols will only appear in the bar chart version of the report rather than the line chart, and also it’s potentially because in distribution you’re looking at total numbers so this wouldn’t be possible.


For your other question, could you send me a link (shortlink) to your report you are looking at so I can see? It’s hard to debug something with a screenshot so anything you can send would be useful.


Thanks a lot,