Correlation with a compbination of events

  • 21 June 2020
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Hi there,


Can we use MixPanel to evaluate the impact of a “combination” of influencers, where each influencer has its own specific event.  We have two influencers – Watched a Video and Viewed Success Story.

I would like to know the propensity of individuals to convert who have done both these events… i.e. what is the probability that a user who Watches a Video AND Views a success story converts.

We have done such analysis in excel and would like to know if such is possible within MixPanel. Doing so would be a real time saver.

Thanks for your time!!



3 replies

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Hi @Rajat,

I would use our Experiment report for this type of analysis. Here are the steps:

  1. Head to over to Users > Cohorts and create a cohort for each user segment: 
    - watched a video only
    - viewed a story only
    - watched a video AND viewed a story
    - did not watch any videos nor stories
  2. Build a few reports with the KPIs you think should be impacted (ie: a funnel report that measures conversions, an insights report that shows engagement, etc.)
  3. Save these reports to a Dashboard
  4. Go to Analysis > Experiments and create a Custom experiment:
    - Control: choose the cohort you want to compare against (I’d suggest to start with “active users” = users who logged in recently enough or a cohort that is broad enough and includes all types of users)
    - Variant: choose the “watched a video AND viewed a story” cohort
    - Select the dashboard created on step #3
  5. The report that is generated will show you how the users in the different cohorts influence the reports on the dashboard.
  6. Repeat Step #4 choosing different cohorts for the Variant and even for the Control

Let me know if this is helpful!



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Dear Anca,


Thanks for the response. While I have not tried it out, I think the experiment report should prove useful. You have explained it really well. Thank you for taking the time out to outline all the cohorts.


Just a recommendation - this seems to be a very useful feature. It would be really useful if you created a video with a few use cases (does not have to be the one that I am talking about) to explain how to use the report. It would just reduce the barrier to use a particular report.



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Hi @Rajat,

Great to know this can work for your use case! Thank you for the suggestion to create an explanatory video to help better understand Custom experiments, I’ll add that to my tasks list :)

Let us know if you need support with anything else,