Connect JQL Report to Dashboard

  • 3 September 2019
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Is there a way to connect saved JQL Query Reports to the Mixpanel Dashboard? Perhaps include them into a formula?

4 replies

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Hi @sisrani, JQL queries cannot be displayed within Dashboards. The only way to visually see these reports would be to create a custom report and add it to Dashboards.

I am curious to know why JQL was a more useful tool to use rather than one of our other reports. With this in formation I can log a product gap on your behalf with our Product and Engineering team. I would appreciate as much detail as possible!


Hi @stephanie_MixpanelTeam,

To give you a bit more context i wanted to build a retention analysis report that calculated the number of days between the user signing up and when they last used the app. The intention here is to get a sense of the average lifecycle as well as provide some color around churn. From what I see, there’s no way to do that with MP so I created a JQL report.


Also @stephanie_MixpanelTeam You mentioned that I would need to build a Custom Report in order to include my JQL report within Dashboards. How would I go about doing that? I’m not seeing any ability to create a Custom Report within the JQL interface or the MP Admin interface.

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@sisrani Sorry for the confusion, I meant create a custom report in existing UI reports (Insights, Funnels, Retention, Flows, and more) and add them to Dashboards.

Adding JQL reports to your Dashboards is good feedback! I have gone ahead and posted an Idea on your behalf here and filed a product gap with our Engineering and Product Development team.

Make sure you are subscribed to the Idea  to get emailed updates on its progress.