Comparing Cohort Performance Overtime

I have a cohort called ‘Premium Power Listeners’. As the name suggests, these are people who are subscribed (a user attribute, which can change over time) and have listened to more than X tracks in the last 7-days (an event-based attribute, which can also change over time).


The result is that the above cohort changes from week to week.

One of the performance metrics of this cohort would be, say, median minutes listened. 


My question is: How can I look at the performance of this (ever changing) cohort overtime?


The only known way to do so would be to take snapshots of the performance data each week and export it to a CSV file. This is hardly ideal.

Note: I understand you can use Insights > Cohort to track the number of people in this cohort overtime. But I want to be able to compare what they did each week. 

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