Cohort of active users over time using an inactiveFrom property

  • 24 February 2022
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I’m fairly new to Mixpanel and am struggling with creating the proper cohort for my needs - measuring active users over time. Nothing novel.


I have a property on every user that tells me if they are “inactive” and a property that tells me when they’re inactive from. However, through Mixpanel I have a very hard time making a cohort work as a timeseries of active user count based in these two properties.


Does anyone here know if this is possible?

Or how it could be done with this information, maybe if it’s structured in another way? I have the these two fields on a database, so, I can redo how the properties are written to Mixpanel.


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Hi @frederik_ingwersen 


Sorry it took so long to get back you about this.

It’s interesting you are tracking an “inactive” property against your users, would it not be more useful to simply create a cohort of users who have performed certain actions within a timeframe? Logged In, Viewed Page, Purchase etc? If a user has not done these they would be inactive, and you can keep track of active users by looking at users who have logged in within the last 30 days, or even longer.