Can you duplicate a report without linking a copy?

  • 5 May 2022
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When you duplicate a report it creates a linked copy. This makes things difficult as changing one changes all linked copies of the report. Each time I want to create a similar report to an existing one, I instead have to start a report from scratch. Is there a way to duplicate a report without linking a copy? 


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4 replies

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@realrealm Are you renaming the duplicate report and then saving?

@Jaz-CommunityManager I tried that but when you make a change to a linked copy it changes the original as well which is what I am trying to avoid. Is there anyway to duplicate a report without this happening? 

Is there an answer to this?

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When you duplicate from the dashboard it does create a linked copy.

To duplicate without impacting the original go into the report (not on the dashboard) and click the duplicate icon.

That way it’s a whole new report that can be added to any dashboard and not a copy