Can we add active days or session count as a profile attribute?

  • 19 March 2021
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Active days (retention report) and session count (insight report) are super important data points for each player. Is there a way for these to be added as user profile attributes from mixpanel? w

What I am really trying to do is calculate a Churn Risk model utilising the formula:

(Longevity - Recency)/(Active Days -1) 

Where Longevity is number of days user has been a customer
Recency is days since last used product
Active Days is number of days user used product. Session count could also be used here

Mixpanel calculates both Active Days and Session Count for each player. Can these be added as a user profile attribute?



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I’m Reuben and I’m a support engineer here. Good questions, though I actually think in this case it’s going to be a bit tricky to derive these metrics.

The first thing to clarify here is that Mixpanel doesn’t track ‘Total Session Count’ as an unvarying source of truth. Because sessions are tracked virtually and can be changed in your Project Settings, there is never a concrete session number that always applies to the user, so it would require some implementation on your end to build your own session start logic and use a people.increment to increase the session total count on your profile by one each time.

One thing you definitely can do is calculate a user’s Longevity by creating a Custom Property ‘days since first seen’. That’d look something like DATEDIF(First Seen, TODAY, “D”) and can exist as a user property (it may not show up on the profile but will be retrievable in the UI).

As for total number of active days, I’m not sure this is doable out-of-the-box either, but one thing you can do would be to use the Insights aggregation ‘distinct count’ then Date → Day and break down by user, so that you are seeing the total number of active days per user. This still wouldn’t be a profile property but it would be a good starting point in your analysis, if you wanted to do something like break down by user and by Longevity, and then export those results to CSV and create a formula that way.

Sorry that these solutions may require a little more leg work than you’d imagined, but I hope this helps for now. Thanks!



Huge thanks Reuben, let me go off and work on those suggestions and report back!

Did you find what you were looking for on this?


I’m looking for something similar: count of users who have done an event on 3 separate days in a week