Can't find the 'Messages' menu

  • 17 March 2021
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I’m a new Mixpanel user, I’ve created a user through the node API but I can’t find the ‘Messages’ menu to send emails / sms to users.

Please help !


Best answer by nataliak 9 June 2021, 00:22

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2 replies

Hi I have been facing the same issue. did you get through it ?

I agree that it would be deprecated from Jan 2022, but can't we use it until then ?



Hi @cphilc! Mixpanel is unfortunately not offering Messaging to customers that didn’t already have it as part of their paid plans, which is likely why you can’t access the feature in your account, since the feature is being retired as you mentioned. More information about that can be found here and more information about why messaging is retiring can be found here. If you are looking for a solution for messages, you can pair Mixpanel’s product analytics with engagement marketing from one of their partners. A list of partners can be found on the Integrations Directory. Sorry for the not so great news, but hopefully you can find a partner on the list that works for you!