Can't add a report to Dashboard

  • 3 July 2020
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Hi there,

I just saved a new Insights report and tried to add it to my Dashboard, but the report that I’ve saved doesn’t appear on the list. So I go back to the Insights menu, click “Open” but the report that I’ve saved safely shows up. Then I go back to the Dashbaord and click “Add Report”, but here, my saved report doesn’t show up.

It’d be good to know if this is just a minor glitch or a bug to be squashed or just a mistake I’ve made somewhere..


2 replies


This is not a bug. If you add more than 1 breakdown to your saved Insights report, it doesn’t get added to the Dashboard because “this visualization is not currently supported in web dashboards.”

I was just having the same issue, thanks for the info but it’s a shame you can’t add it