Can't add a report to Dashboard

  • 3 July 2020
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Hi there,

I just saved a new Insights report and tried to add it to my Dashboard, but the report that I’ve saved doesn’t appear on the list. So I go back to the Insights menu, click “Open” but the report that I’ve saved safely shows up. Then I go back to the Dashbaord and click “Add Report”, but here, my saved report doesn’t show up.

It’d be good to know if this is just a minor glitch or a bug to be squashed or just a mistake I’ve made somewhere..


3 replies


This is not a bug. If you add more than 1 breakdown to your saved Insights report, it doesn’t get added to the Dashboard because “this visualization is not currently supported in web dashboards.”


I was just having the same issue, thanks for the info but it’s a shame you can’t add it

What do you mean by breakdown? I’m not even using the breakdown section in my reports and I’m still not seeing them in the list of reports I can add to my dashboard.

I have a formula if that makes any difference, but I dont understand why that visualisation wouldnt be supported (or having multiple ‘breakdowns’). I don’t even see that message anywhere.

The app does a really poor job of explaining irrgeularities.