Can I track Bounce Rate?

  • 19 January 2021
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Hello There.


As I mentioned above, Can I track Bounce Rate?

If it cans, How can I catch the rate? 


Thanks in advance


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2 replies


Hi @grabyroom - if you think of a bounce as a single-page session (with no other interactions), you could use the Funnels feature. Something like this maybe:

This will tell you the number of sessions that result in a bounce, as well as average time on site for those sessions.

You could then create a cohort from the Funnel to explore the bouncing users in more detail.


Just to clarify my suggestion above - you would also need at least one exclusion step. For example, I could “Exclude Page View” between Step 2 and Step 3. This would then give me sessions that match Session Start > Page View > Session End, but not ones with *multiple* page views before the Session End.