Can I create a custom event from two consecutive events?

  • 8 September 2021
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Hello :)

I am using Freshpaint with Mixpanel for hybrid tracking approach. As such I am limited to tracking only UI interactions. 
There are number of ways in which a user might comeback to my homescreen. However I want to know how many times was the homescreen viewed right after log in (because that will indicate a successful log in for me). Is there a way for me to combine the events of “click on login button” and “viewed homescreen” in that order and then name that event as “Logged in”?


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@Ranjita Das you wouldn’t be able to combine this as a custom event but you can use the funnel report to see how many people did these 2 steps in sequence and how often.

Here’s an example of a funnel where you can see 2000+ people did the 2 steps in that order (be sure to have it set as uniques but you can also analyse no. of sessions and totals which will include anybody who did it several times fully:

The funnel option will require a conversion window which can be as little as 1 minute and a reporting period.

In terms of your tracking you are able to implement server-side tracking to get the full picture of your user interactions


Got you!

Thank you :)