Calculating the average of a user property until the moment they triggered an event


We have users that start a trial period of 14 days, during which they can invite team members to their account. They can also add a payment method at any time, if they want to stay active & upgraded after the end of their trial.

I’m trying to create a report that shows the average number of invitees a user has before adding a payment method during their trial period.


So basically I’m trying to aggregate the average number of invitees from the moment the trial period had started until (and no later then) a payment method had been added - if a user added a payment, then invited more people during their trial, I don’t want to “count” this.



I tried creating a cohort and aggregate this property, but I’m not sure how to make sure that the aggregation will “ignore” what ever is happening after a specific event (adding payment) had occurred.

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