Calculated user property based on past events

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Here’s my use case: I’d like to track the first page that was viewed by users who signed up. Just like there’s an “initial referrer domain” user property, I’d like to have an “initial page viewed” with the path as the value.

I would then want to count the # of users broken down by this property to see which of our website pages is driving the most sign-ups.

I can extract the data in JQL, which means I can probably run a JQL report to do the count per path. However, I don’t know how to assign this property so that I can leverage it in other reports and use the Mixpanel visualization.

Some options I can think of:

  1. Compute it on a third party like Looker, push to Segment the user properties, which will then land into Mixpanel. Reasonably easy to do but requires yet another tool.
  2. Compute it using JQL API and push the user properties to Segment via REST API, which will then land into Mixpanel. Reasonably easy but requires a custom pipeline.

Is there a simpler way to achieve this without building custom pipelines or other tools than Mixpanel? What I’m asking is basically a user property calculated using aggregates (it’s like when computing “lifetime value”, “spend in last x days”, etc.)


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