Best practice to track (code) high level events properties

  • 14 March 2022
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In our application you first need to go trough a setup before you can start. We like to know what steps they took, skipped, ect, ect,..

This wizard contains of 9 steps.


Is it best to have:

  • 9 different events for each step
  • or to have one event called ‘setup’ containing the property ‘step = 1’

1 reply

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hi @cozytodoq 


Sorry it took so long to get back you about this.

The answer to your question is that it is entirely up to you. Having a difference event for each step means you can find the events easily without adding a filter to build your funnel, and easily analyse user behaviour. Having one single event with a property will allow you to do the same analysis, but will need the additional clicks to add each step.


The drawbacks of having a different event are that you will obviously need to ensure all the same properties against each event, so you can properly analyse your users. But as I said, it really is up to you.