Benchmarking Retention

  • 1 November 2021
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When measuring retention what do the apps usually measure (sort of benchmark) is it as simple as app open > app open?  I’m just thinking there must be some kind of standardisation?


I’m currently looking at New user retention Successful registration > App open and app open > app open.  But I am not sure which one we should benchmark ourselves against our competitors reported retention.  e.g. IRL 30 day retention is 1% (sensor tower) but what is this 1%?

4 replies

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You should typically measure retention against the goal-event(s) in your platform, depending on how your app is designed opening it alone may not be a “value moment” for your user. More on value moments here

Hi Jaz,


so in terms of facebooks retention of 48% 30 day retention what is the metric this is measured by?

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Hi @mmholding I’m not actually sure! Where did you find the retention %? … I might be able to do some research...

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@mmholding do you have any thought here? Did the guide to product analytics help?