Averaging event counts by a user property

  • 20 December 2021
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Here’s my data setup - I have individual users A,B,C… who are taking many different types of actions on our product - each action is tagged as an event.

Each user is a “manager” who has a certain number of direct reports configured as a user property e.g. A could have 50 direct reports as a user property.

I now want to create a report where I can see a trend of “Count All Events” for each user - but I want to normalize that by the no. of direct reports they have i.e. I want to see the trend of “Count All Events” / No. of direct reports for  each user, and also aggregate that by client (which is a collection of users)

Anyone have any ideas on how to do this? All help appreciated!!





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Hi @mridulganesh !  


Matt here.  How close does a report like this get you to your goal?:


This is looking at the average number of events per user broken down by the user property of “direct reports”.