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Is it possible to get an average number of events per day per week/year/month.

I want to monitoring our progress in number of orders in the month with an average orders per day. This way I can see if we are on track to outperform previous months. I can do a formula: Order Completed / 30. But this has 2 major downsides:

  • Not every month is 30 days
  • It makes the current month data useless, because it also devides it by 30, while this month is still ongoing

Can’t I do a a formula: Order Completed / # (passed) days in the month or something?


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Hi @sanderoc,

Yes, that is possible if you select the time unit you’d like from this dropdown:

Daily / Weekly / Monthly evolution of the values

Because you are interested in an average, you can select “Rolling”  instead of linear:

Average of 7 days, 4 weeks, etc.

You can learn more about rolling averages here.

Once you built the graph for the current month, hitting “Compare to past” will plot the values from the previous time period. Remember you can always define a specific time range if you’re not happy with the “last 30 days”.

Let me know if this solves your question!


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This hardly gives me what I am looking for. I want the average orders per day split up per month. So for example:


January: 55.6 orders per day

February: 72.3 orders per day

March: 81.9 orders per day

April: 120.4 orders per day

May: 110.5 orders per day (to date)

This way I can see if May is on track or not to beat other months.


The rolling graph is giving my really strange data when i set it per month, because it starts looking at past months. 

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Hi @sanderoc : thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, we don’t have any good forecasting abilities within Mixpanel at the moment, and getting to what you are saying is a bit difficult to be honest, but you can take that rolling line graph and break it down by calendar month (breakdown → Date → Month) and then you could hover over the last day of the month to find the rolling 28 days calculation for average daily event volume and then get an approximation for the previous, completed months:

If you want to get to the current month’s average daily event volume, that’s also not that straight forward- you can change the date range to “since may 1, 2020” (or for the incomplete month that you are trying to evaluate) and then do a rolling calculation OR in most cases, you’ll just have to change to bar and get the total events, and then divide that by the number of days.

If you happen to be on the 7th, 14th, or 28th day of the month, then the rolling calculations will be fine:

If not, then you’ll have to change to bar graph to find total events since May 1, 2020 and then divide that by the number of days in the month that have already elapsed:


Hope this helps? I’ve taken note of this, and we will add this to our backlog.



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Any updates from the community on this question? 

I’m trying to do something similar and get DAU averages for each month.


I dont see how this is “solved”.. but anyway, is there a way to know “average per day? 

it should be a very simple metric, we want to know the average users sessions per day in the last month

(how may unique users enter our product per day - average/median in the last 30 days)

we want this to be shown in a metric and not a graph.

is it possible?