Average number of core events across over all active users in a certain time period

I have identified 10 events in Mixpanel that we would deem “core” events - ones that we’d like to track in order to understand to what extent they’re adopted across our user base, in order to measure health of adoption overall.

I have tried many ways of calculating the following using various combinations of insights reports, formulas, custom events, and cohorts, but I haven’t yet been able to structure the data properly. Hoping someone can help me see the the way through.

Here’s what I’d like to report out:

The average number of core events (i.e., a number between 1 and 10, since there are 10 core events) completed per user in a given time period (say, 30 days).

Meaning, if User 1 completes 3 of the 10 events at least once in 30 days, and User 2 completes 7 of the 10 events at least once in 30 days, and User 3 completes 0 events in those 30 days (but did log-in), and User 4 did not log-in, the average number of core events completed by active users in the time period is (3+7+0)/3 = 3.3 average events.

The closest I have managed to get is the number of unique users who completed at least one of the 10 core events in the time period, as a percentage of all active users active in the same time period. This is useful in terms of understanding adoption to an extent, but it doesn’t tell me enough about the depth of the adoption as a function of the number of core events.

I dearly hope that makes sense - happy to send more info if there are follow-up questions.

Thank you!

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