Analysis of how many users did EventA X times?

  • 10 March 2020
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Let’s say I have a CohortA of users who have met some definition of “sticky”. I also have various Events I’m interested in, e.g. EventX could be “viewed our documentation”.


I want to answer the question “what % of users in CohortA did EventX once? Twice? 3x? 4x? ...” (and the same questions for CohortB).


Is this possible in Mixpanel?

1 reply

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Hi @allenyang 


Today this functionality isn’t 100% possible within Mixpanel. You would be able to select your event in Insights, then apply your Cohort as a filter, and then see the average, min, max etc. when you change the data view from Totals, but not the frequency distribution.


However, we are soon to release (it’s in closed beta right now) a new set of Behavioural Functions within the Insights report, one of them being the ability to view frequency distributions and create histograms. We don’t have a demo of it right now, but here is a quick introduction video by our internal PM.


As soon as this is released we will send out a product update email, and you will be able to see exactly the data you need.


Thanks a lot,