Analysing Average DAU's per Month

  • 21 November 2019
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Hi there,

I'm trying to graph our average DAU's per month, but I'm struggling to do this. When I graph DAU's and select a timeframe of "last X months" it does not show the average for each month, but instead the number of DAU's on the last day of each month.

Is there a way of graphing ADAU's that I have not yet found, and is the functionality I described what's expected on your end?


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7 replies

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@Ross Harper,

I think the special breakdown property of "Date" will be helpful for you. If you choose Date -> Monthly, this will give you a breakdown per month. I attached a screenshot to help you find it 🙂

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Can someone give me a little more help on this? I’d like to report on DAU by day for the month but then also what the ADAU was for that month. I’ve got the first part sorted:

Which gives me this:

But when I try and breakdown by Date (Month) as per the above I get this:

I was thinking that a single bar per month would be sufficient but I can only select between line or stacked line, NOT bar

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@Crawfish What about pulling the event in a second time, but selecting Average instead of DAU?

This does not solve the issue of getting a number for the average daily active users - it just gives you daily active users. How can we get an average number for daily active users over X days?

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Has anyone solved this yet? What I really need is a chart which shows me one number per month for however many months I want to look at so I can see whether my ADAU (or AWAU) is going up or down month-on-month.

Can anyone from Mixpanel jump in on this and help?

Same I really need what Crawfish stated

Same question here. Can I use mixpanel to show DAU average for multiple months? 

Date breakdown by month on DAU is not doing the trick.