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  • 17 June 2020
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Hi everybody -- so I’m currently tracking the total number of registered users in an app via a simple cohort analysis, but I can’t find a way to tell the number of registered users over time. For example, there are 200 registered users right now, great -- but how many were there last week? A month ago? A year ago?

I’ve been searching and haven’t been able to find much, but I have learned that historical cohort data is not saved. So how could I go about tracking this?

2 replies

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Hey there,

Assuming you have an event for registration, you wouldn’t necessarily need a cohort, but instead, you can use the cumulative view of registered events over time in an Insights report:

On the other hand, we actually do show cohorts over time so you can still view the registered users as of a certain point in time.  The cohort will have to be users who fired a registered event since inception date / beginning of data being sent in and view that cohort in Insights as described here:

Hope this helps!


Thanks, Ian! Finally figured it out with your advice.