Aggregate latest value per property

  • 7 October 2020
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We have a situation where a “project” can be submitted unlimited times by a user. On each project submission, it is accompanied with a certain numerical “amount”.

What I need to do is aggregate the total sum of all the latest amount values for a project by each company.

i.e. Let’s say we have John and Mary from the company J&M and they are working on the projects ABC and DEF. John submits project ABC 2 times, the first time the amount is 50, the second time it is 75 and DEF 1 time at 150. Mary submits DEF once with the amount 100 AFTER John’s submission to DEF. I need to add 100 (the latest submission to DEF) and 75 (the latest submission to ABC) to get 175 and show that on a dashboard.

I was able to easily aggregate ALL submissions (which would end up giving me 100 + 75 + 150 + 50 = 375) but couldn’t find a way to just get just the latest submission per project. Is there a way to do this? I thought about using JQL but couldn’t find a way to add that to the dashboards so I didn’t put much time into it.

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This reminds me of the way that user profile properties always reflect the most recent update. Is there a way to store the latest value as a user property?  My concern is that the profile would become too bloated with all of the reports that are saved. 

You could consider Group Analytics, if you want to track information at the report level instead of the user level. 

If you have additional information you can share I’d be curious to better understand your use case.