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  • 29 September 2020
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I’m wondering if it’s possible to aggregate by an event property across events in Mixpanel. 

I have an event where a user initiates a call with 4 recipients. That call has a callID

I can have later events for each recipient whether they answer or reject that call (with the CallID). But I’m not sure it’s possible to measure in mixpanel how many of the participants answered the call aggregated by CallID. 

Any help? 

Thank you!

1 reply

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Hi @Ginny,

In order to see how many of the participants answered the call, aggregated by CallID, I would first build a report in Insights that looks like:

Event =“Call Initiated” 

Breakdown by Property = “callID”


If you are looking at a specific callID, you can even filter the report to that specific ID and ONLY look at that specific call in question.


If you are interested in looking at a Funnel, and you’d like to see whether users go from “Call Initiated” → “Call Accepted,” you can build a funnel with these two steps and  keep the Property = “callID” a constant property.


Let me know what you think!