About the 2DAYS graph indication of the retention report

  • 29 March 2021
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It was usable before, but, in the retention report, there is the function that was not usable.Retention % of 2DAYS becomes the graph and was displayed when I click 2DAYS, but there is not it now before. Is there the method that I can make this into?


Best answer by jessica 9 April 2021, 20:10

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Hi there! We recently rolled out a new feature called ‘Retention Trends,’ which you can access from the toggle on the dropdown on the top-right of the line graph. From there, you can toggle to a specific retention day and see the trend of day X retention (screenshot below):


We rolled out this new view to make it more discoverable to our customers. We think that the Trends view is a good way to show this so hopefully it's a workflow you'll be able to adjust to going forward. Let us know if you have any other questions!