New to the Mixpanel Community?

  • 10 January 2020
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New to the Mixpanel Community?
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Is this your first visit to our QBQ community? Well then welcome to our world of Analytics awesomeness!

Helpful Quick Links

First things first: What we're here for (and whatnot)

No matter if you're a veteran in what you're doing or a newbie... the QBQ community is the go-to place for everything you need to know to reach your goal. We have many experts here with years of experience in Mixpanel, Developers, Data Analyst, Support, Customer Education, … the list just goes on.

However we know our limits. Should your goal be to become a Pokémaster, then you are better off on other communities dedicated to that. :wink: We are very happy to receive your question, but whatever you do please follow our Community Terms of Use.

A quick tour through the Community

Nobody likes to get labeled. But when it comes to finding out where to put your question or find the latest news, labels can be handy! We have a number of categories for you to browse:

Got a question?

Feel free to check out our 4 categories to ask questions on Mixpanel. 

No worries if you do not know where your questions belong, try what you think is best! These Categories are also a good spot to show off your expertise as well. ;)


Hear the latest about upcoming events, new product releases, and general announcements.

Lounge area

Our hangout spot where all users can share interesting things. Celebrating a launch or newly discovered podcast? Then this is the place to be.

Full Categories and subcategories descriptions here.


5 quick tips to ask your question the right way

Asking questions is not rocket science... you think? If you ask your question the right way, you will get better answers, faster. Here are some tips:

  1. Before you ask, search first!
    Make use of our awesome search bar function.:mag:Our bar function can search existing community questions Always to be found at the top of the page, to make sure you will not get lost.
    Lost anyways? No worries, next under the search bar you are always welcome to ask a question or start a discussion.
  2. Don't hesitate
    Feel too shy to ask something because you think it's a stupid question? Don't worry we all have been in that situation once. We love to help around here. As long as you stay friendly, nobody will ever judge you, we promise. :pray:
  3.  Keep your data yours
    Cannot stress this enough. You don't want to expose your users' email address in a screenshot, sensitive project data, or post your office phone number for further questions. Moderators do not like this trick.
  4. Provide all information
    Too often we assume others know what we're talking about. Don't forget to describe exactly which part of e.g. our Insights report you are asking a question about. What is it that you want to achieve, where are you stuck? What have you tried?
  5.  Make it visible
    A screenshot can make a big (!) difference. Don't let people puzzle together which button you are speaking of, show it!

Full guide on how to ask a question here.

Some topics you might want to read now


Please feel free to poke around and get familiar with our new Community. If you are having any trouble navigating our new space, please let us know here!

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