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Mixpanel Product Update: Retiring Automatic Insights

  • 9 March 2020
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Hi everyone,

Brandon, one of Mixpanel’s PMs here.  I’m writing to let you know that over the next several weeks, we will remove Automatic Insights from Mixpanel.


We launched Automatic Insights to relieve our customers’ need to constantly check in on their metrics, by automatically finding anomalies in your chosen metrics.  However, we’ve seen far better usage of our Custom Alerts product, which fulfills the exact same purpose.  Custom Alerts offers more value since you can customize the alerting thresholds and receive alerts via email.  So, we’re leaving metric monitoring to the product best suited to tackle it, and freeing up resources to deliver on other more valuable features.


Starting April 6th, you’ll no longer be able to subscribe to new Automatic Insights alerts.  However, any existing subscriptions will continue monitoring your metrics.

On April 30th, Automatic Insights will be removed from Mixpanel, so you’ll no longer be automatically alerted.  Before this date, you may wish to set up Custom Alerts for your key reports in order to monitor your metrics precisely, without the need to log into Mixpanel.  Read more about Custom Alerts here.

Finally, please read our FAQ guide here, and feel free to comment below with any other questions or feedback.



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