MixPanel Events Count Accuracy Issue

  • 4 November 2021
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Mixpanel is showing strange behaviour I have compared my database, mixpanel and google analytics counts side by side.

Interestingly sum of all 3 after 20 days shows less difference. But when compared day by day the difference between my database and google analytics is ignorable.

But mixpanels sometimes shows 50 plus or 50 minus difference but sum of 20 days is almost the same as of mixpanel and google analytics.


Also when I see an events count in Insights it is different as compared to when the same even is compared with only one event in Funnel.


It is also showing inaccurate session counts as well.



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3 replies

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Hello. Can you offer some insights on how the implementation was done? Is this an app or a web application/website?


We have implemented it on web, android and ios apps. And we are using same function to log google analytics and mixpanel events.

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So there can be a few things that I think can impact the count.

  1. The insights vs funnel is because the default in funnel is unique count vs the total count in insights
  2. In web some events are blocked by ad blockers and can impact the data

What I suggest is to understand the statistical significance of the values and see if it makes sense. As If you had 1000 or 1002 users doing a specific event it won’t make a difference in the decisions you make based on that data.

Also if you have a DB with those events you can mix the data and send data via server or proxy.

Suggest you read the following: