when people plan number reset?

  • 11 February 2019
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- during the weekend we deleted thousands of old people profile (last seen more than 24 months ago)

- they disappeared from the Explore listing

- but the number of profiles in People plan is still the same, it is more than 24 hours already

- when it will recalculate? We are afraid Mixpanel will stop tracking the new people...


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@petr_sigut -

When your account exceeds the volume of profiles that are included with your plan a block will be issued until profiles are deleted, or you upgrade to a larger people plan. In your case, is it possible that new profiles were created even though you had deleted a set of profiles over the weekend?

That being said, Mixpanel will continue to track your people data even if you go past your people quota — so you never have to worry about loosing data!

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