Project Level Access Changes

  • 17 June 2019
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I have a few team member who are an Organizational member and a Project consumer. Last week they were able to download the data from insights reports, but this week that button is not available. Has there been any updates that would explain this? Also if this is true how do I give them access to download insights reports without giving her access to create or edit reports?

1 reply

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Hi @cpellows! When I looked at their project roles and permission article, it looks like consumers roles (and all other roles) can create reports inside of Insights. I believe Consumer is the most limited role in a project which might be the reason they cannot download reports inside of Insights.

Some of my team members are on Analyst roles and can download reports on Insights. If you would like your team members to be able to download from Insights, I would suggest moving them to the Analyst role? Hope this helps!