Organizations shipped in Mixpanel!

  • 25 January 2019
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Organizations is now available to all Mixpanel customers! With Organizations, it’s easier to manage how users across your company access Mixpanel with the following features:

  • Improved visibility into pricing and overages:

    • Monitor current event/people usage levels by project, so you can check if you’re close to or have surpassed our plan limits.

    • View usage across all of the projects in your company, all in one place, so you can see which projects are contributing the most to your bill.

  • Streamlined project access across teams:

    • Add new employees to the correct set of projects and features all at once, based on their team.

    • Change a member’s role, so you can give them access to additional administrative features.

  • Better project management for admins:

    • View all projects and their usage in the same place, so you can decide if there are any projects that we should be removed or added.

    • Make sure that your users can only join projects with useful data.

Learn more about Organizations here!

1 reply

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@sarah.horton you posted this to our Ideas page and we are excited to announce that it has shipped!