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  • 10 September 2020
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Is there a way of getting the Current Users (in Organization Settings) by API or JQL?


4 replies

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@Annalisboa —

This API is not currently available, but it is something that has come up in the past. 

To give our product team more context, can you tell me more about how you would envision using this API? What question are you trying to answer / problem are you trying to solve that the organizations overview page isn’t telling you or is making it difficult to use?

Thank you!

Hi @cherise !

Basically we’re following up our mixpanel users, so I have a dashboard where a I see the amount of people that had logined on mixpanel, the problem is that I need to download the CSV every friday, but sometimes I forget or I’m not in the office.

We need something more automatic.
Is that clear?



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@Annalisboa —

I checked in with out engineering team and he shared this with me to pass along:

We have a SCIM API that lets enterprise customers perform such queries on users who have domains they've claimed. Okta, Onelogin, and Azure all have integrations with the API (they can automatically add or remove users using the API to keep it in sync with your IDP, and some IDPs such as Okta also support pulling info). However you can also hit the API directly if needed, you would just need to use the SCIM token to make a GET call on This is an example of how to get the token (from Azure's docs):


I hope this helps point you in the right direction! 

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@Annalisboa —


We just published these docs today that help explain how this can be done: