How Default Mobile Event - First App Open is tracked

  • 21 August 2020
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In our project we had initially disabled Default Mobile Events (Autotrack), later we Enabled Default Mobile Events. I would like to confirm that when event First App Open is triggered, does it represent when users start app next time after I have enabled Default Mobile Events or does it represent actually the very first time user opens the app (when Default Mobile Events was still disabled) or it represent when a new user opens app for the first time ?


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2 replies

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@VirajVan —

If you just turned on default mobile events,  First App Open event will not be triggered for existing users, so it is a true reflection of users opening the app for the first time.

That said, if a user uninstalls then reinstalls the app, or clears local storage in their mobile settings, the "First App Open" event will execute. (worth mentioning that the event does not execute between app updates.) 



Thank you for answering.